Key Product Development Processes

Four Key Product Development Processes

Idea generation

Idea generation is the first stage of the product development process. This is when companies generate new ideas for products or services. 

It is a key component of the product development process, as it is the first step in creating a new product. Idea generation can be done in a number of ways, such as brainstorming, market research, and trend analysis. 

Once an idea has been generated, it can then be evaluated to see if it is viable and feasible. If it is, the idea will then be developed further and eventually turned into a product.

Idea Screening

Idea Screening

Idea screening is the second stage of the process. It is the process of reviewing ideas and deciding which ones to pursue further. The goal is to identify the best ideas and move them forward to the next stage of development. 

There are a few key criteria that should be considered when screening ideas: 

1. Feasibility: Can the idea be realistically implemented? 

2. Value: Does the idea offer value to the customer or user? 

3. Uniqueness: Is the idea unique or does it offer a unique selling proposition? 

4. Market potential: Is there a large enough market for the idea? 

5. Profitability: Can the idea be profitable? 

Idea screening is an important part of the product development process because it helps to ensure that only the best ideas are moving forward. By taking the time to review and assess each idea, you can increase the chances of success for your product. 

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Concept development and testing

Concept development and testing

Companies go through a concept development and testing process in order to ensure that the product is able to meet the needs of consumers. This process typically involves creating a prototype of the product and testing it with a group of target consumers. 

Through this testing, companies are able to gather feedback about the product and make necessary changes before bringing the product to market. This process helps to ensure that the product is able to meet the needs of consumers and that it is able to successfully compete in the marketplace.


Commercialization is the fourth and final stage of the product development process. This is when companies launch the product or service and make it available to the public. This stage includes activities such as marketing and distribution. 

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